Quick nap at Avatar formerly The Power Station NYC

I am based in Milwaukee, WI but have been recording and producing music all over the world for decades!    Here in town I’ve owned Cornerstone Recording, Guerrilla Recording, Junkyard Recording (designed and built) and (currently) Hamtone Audio recording studios.

Lets track!

Some projects Ive worked on in various capacities:

Chris Tishler (CHIEF/ Five Card Studs): Full length solo record – Producer/ Engineer

Ice Island – (Steven Hawley from Codebreaker): 2 song single – Producer/Engineer/Bass/Guitar

Liam Ford Band: Full length record – Producer/Engineer

Crisis Prevention Institute monthly podcast hosted by Terry Vitone – Podcast Engineer

Atomic Spins – ‘Mission 2’ and self titled debut

Wisconsin Vinyl Collective Vol’s I and II (Executive producer Butch Vig) – Mastering Engineer

Violent Femmes ‘We Can Do Anything’ – Producer/ Engineer

Violent Femmes ‘Happy New Year’ EP – Co Producer/Engineer

Beatallica (Oglio Recs) ‘The Masterful Mystery Tour’ – Tracking Engineer

Beatallica (Oglio Recs) ‘Abbey Load’ – Tracking Engineer

The Buzzhorn ‘Disconnected’ (Atlantic Recs) – Tracking Engineer

De La Buena ‘La Tortuga’ – Co Producer/Engineer

Andrew David Weber ‘The Voice of Experience’ (Whiskey of the Damned) solo record- Producer/Engineer

Paul Cebar and The Milwaukeans  ‘Upstroke for the Downfolk’ – Co Producer/ Engineer

Paul Cebar and The Milwaukeans ‘The Get Go’ – Producer/Engineer

Killdozer ‘The Last Waltz’ – Remote Recording Engineer

lots more!

Some studios I’ve worked in (besides mine):

Electric Lady NYC

Avatar (formerly The Power Station) NYC

The Village LA

Brown Bear Nashville

CCM Denver CO

Altitude Recording Boulder, CO

Big Jesus Burger Sydney AU

The Exchange Milwaukee, WI

Send me your tracks for mixing or mastering!

Loving the mix w/ John Agnello @ Altitude Recording Boulder, CO