It has been almost two years since Ive updated this site or posted a blog. Many things have happened and sadly I and the music world have lost too many great people/souls since my lost blog. Please take a moment to honor my good friends who have left this mortal stage

This site wasn’t possible without my longtime friend Russ Nadasdy Russ did a great job patiently putting this site together. I was very pleased with the result, so I asked for his creativity to make a site for my band The Truck. Sadly when he was almost finished and ready to launch he unexpectedly passed. Always enjoyed seeing you at shows way back in the day and then all the way up to producing your music and working w you.

A band I loved and tour managed and had the honor of mixing live; Kings Go Forth; suffered a huge blow when their singer the legendary Blackwolf (Jesse Bilal) passed unexpectedly only to be followed a day later by the sweet soul and master percussionist Cecilio Negron Jr. Cee was also the master of percussion for another band I love dearly and have mixed and produced since their inception; De La Buena. I and our extended musical family and the entire music community in our humble town of Milwaukee, WI were devastated by the loss of these two powerhouses of music and light…its hard to write about this right now and will always be…

Light a candle for them and listen to their music

Rest in beautiful music brothers